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amano_yuu pantsu pee

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Hopefully there's a logical explanation as to why she's peeing on the mechanical bull.
Peeing nazi cowgirl ><
Any hold on reality has been lost.
Maybe she just left a box of apple juice in her back pocket.
Her face is red though, she must have just noticed.

Turn off for me, IMO.
Besides...what's with that "sound" in the right bottom corner? And the cactus?! This is so weird...
The onomatopoeia is "kyun kyun", which clearly refers to the movement of the mechanical bull (and if you hadn't noticed, the Japanese have an onomatopoeia for freaking everything, even things that aren't necessarily "sounds").

I personally like the pee, though I think it could have been drawn a little better.
haha at first I thought that the movement of the bull has made her come; but yep, xD that has more sense...
Interpretation is left to the viewer...
are those nazi signs on her buttons
pimptruck45 said:
are those nazi signs on her buttons