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Made a version without the hilarious baloon-tits of the original parent post.
some images should be just left alone to rot in the sun. +1 for effort though, but it looks bad regardless. place between her back and where the breast starts is too huge. relocating it wouldnt help, since it's a shit image to begin with. torso isn't properly fit to the waist. It could be, but only if her natural figure looked like this:


I think you should change the way you color her upper body. It seems like a water balloon. Two balloons on top of one larger balloon. Ha ha.
Schezza said:
some images should be just left alone to rot in the sun...
Indeed - there would be more visible sag as the muscle reaches the armpit, but decided against it for lack of similar references. Oh well.
DFC/loli would have been the sensible way to go actually.