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cleavage erect_nipples hakaba heels leopard_(yoru_no_yatterman) leotard stockings thighhighs yatterman yoru_no_yatterman

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Artist really needs to start using PNG format, or at least try to compress his images less. Would greatly improve overall image quality.
Back when people would host their own websites, or were having it hosted by somebody with limited resources this kind of compression made sense. Now everybody is either on Pivix or just doesn't have the hosting limitations they used to have so there really isn't much excuse for not using png these days.
Except if they actually want to reduce the quality... Isn't that the reason for the low average resolution for images on pixiv too?
gerbil193 said:
Isn't that the reason for the low average resolution for images on pixiv too?
Yes it is, I can understand that practice.. But lowering the quality by jpeg artifacts doesn't sound smart.
Lower res (dimensions) is more effective than deliberately ruining the details in the image IMO. People will pay for the big version if they can see the quality of the illustration in the small one.
The preview has to look good enough to function as a preview. In this respect jpeg artifacts are preferable to lower resolution. lower quality jpeg looks good until you zoom in, which most won't do. Small or blurry image (upscaled) does not create the same impression.

Basically, I think that's why we're still seeing jpegs instead of lower resolution png out there.