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asakura_nemu asakura_otome da_capo da_capo_(series) da_capo_ii da_capo_iii disc_cover kayura_yuka morizono_ricca seifuku tanihara_natsuki

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The three heroines...

I'm not positively sure who the artists for this image is.

Anyway, thank you h71337.
Nemu and Rikka are definitely by Tanihara.
WtfCakes said:
Nemu and Rikka are definitely by Tanihara.
The art is changing more and more.
Thanks Wtf.

I know Kayura Yuka did art for Otome once again. I can see it in some of the art for D.C.II DM. I just want to be sure. Some other art looks a little different.
Then again it could be my eyes.
That's why I need others with better eyes.