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Wait, how was this a duplicate when this was posted 2 days before post #324248? The quality between the two was hardly any different.
They're exactly the same...just that the other post is smaller in filesize.
So is it worth asking for an appeal or something?
The two images are literally byte identical, so there really isn't anything to appeal based on the artwork itself. I'd assume the other post was kept solely since it was technically the latest revision of the image uploaded by the artist and the compression was better.

Though oddly enough in this case nothing else actually changed except the artist taking a bit of extra time to save a slightly more compressed PNG before uploading to Pixiv.

Twitter version = libpng compression level 3 (speed)

Pixiv version = libpng compression level 9 (maximum)
Technically it doesn't matter which one to keep in terms of image itself, but please understand it matters for uploaders. Call it e-penis or whatever you like but people don't do tedious work without salary for nothing.

There is no reason to keep a later one when the size difference is negligible.

I recovered this one and deleted another one instead.

(I guess I took it too serious..)
I have no idea what to take serious anymore rofl.
I just wanted to stroke my tenure on GT's face