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fixed flyable_heart inaba_yui ito_noizi minase_sakurako sumeragi_amane unisonshift yukata

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i can't download the original size of this imagen. someone can do it? greetings
Je je Download the scan with Firebox or Opera, not with IE (X_X)
Because it has trouble viewing a 20000x6000 image? Let's be reasonable, here--FF has trouble with that on some systems, too...

Charly, can you save the image directly to disk? Right click "original image" and save as. That works fine for me in IE.
I used it for years. It's really not.
I was going to ask you to justify your statement, but I'm not going to start a Browser/OS war...
Took about 1 min to fully view (download) with FF. I also did a test on a 512mb/P4 nlited XP, same results. So what system are YOU on?