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Me too.

We have a saying in the Netherlands that I think is applicable here 'He who does not appreciate the small is not worthy of the large' (freely translated).
Just got Fakku's release of TiTiKEi in the mailbox and I thought it's pretty cool that this is the actual backcover of the book. The book overall is also very nice; tons of colored pages (almost half of the book) and high quality printing and paper as supposedly is always the case with Fakku. Highly recommend it.
FAKKU's releases have all had very high print quality, and what you get is much closer to what a Japanese tankouban release is like. Aside from FAKKU, US releases are always on cheaper paper - not necessarily bad quality, but definitely not as nice as the Japanese stuff usually is. And the FAKKU releases have had dust jackets (like the Japanese releases), whereas I've seen very few US releases with dust jackets. I'm thinking that I've seen a few that did, but it's incredibly rare, and I can't actually think of specific titles that did at the moment.

If you want hentai manga in English and are willing to pay for it rather than just getting scanlations, I highly recommend checking out FAKKU. The Project-H folks have released some great stuff as well (which I'd also recommend), but their print quality is nothing special. But regardless, access to official, English translations of hentai manga is probably the best it's ever been right now. With the death of Icarus Publishing, it had almost died off, but it's back with a vengeance now.

And getting a book from ishikei is just plain awesome.