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Pochacho needs to be chubby, otherwise she's not Pochaco. (In my point of view)
+ Chubby Pochacho = ♥
same here. her flattening to beauty standards is irritating. damn, at least theyd done an attractive character with a different body type, even though it was far from a perfect approach... and now some people still try to normalize her most remarkable physical characteristics. this is offensive. why sex symbols cant have a different body than the norm? many kinds of beauty can be sexy. seeing beauty in each unique appearance trait is an art. its more about viewing how the person exists and exerts its attraction and less about searching for consolidated features of a standard desirable body.
Beauty standards exist because of the pre-selection mechanism which ensures males and females to choose the best couple available to mate.
Denying it would be like denying the very same things that makes us humans.
Also, I don't know why I say this since I'm a pro-women like you, Debbie. Also, this kind of discussion seems out of place on the comments. You are invited if you want to open a thrrread on the forums.