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breasts chiyoda_momoka cleavage cube dress kantoku koi_suru_kanojo_no_bukiyou_na_butai kokonoe_maria lolita_fashion nipples no_bra open_shirt pantsu stockings string_panties symmetrical_docking thighhighs

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nisnegativeone said:
I haven't seen such masterpiece from kantoku for quite a while :3
This is exactly what I was thinking. He's been producing some pretty regular illustrations. But this one is just hot. I wonder how much creative freedom the artist had with this piece. I believe that usually an illustrator needs to follow specific guidelines from somebody else like a client or a commissioner.
Yeah this is quite a marvelous piece. I had always known Kantoku as the 'master of loli artwork' but after this picture I just realized how fantastic he can do large breasts as well. All-around great artist (if he puts effort in his work).
nisnegativeone said:
Kantoku didn't draw much loli work, the girls he drew were mostly between 12-15 (at least that's how those girls looked like), Tinkle on the other hand, deserves the title "master of loli artwork".

Not saying one is better than another, it's just these are just a little bit more mature than loli.
I didn't coin the term but some blog that I used to visit (which is long dead now) called him by that title and I'd seen it pop up in some other places on the internet as well. But either way, I get your point. It's a shame though that there is no term (that I know of) for female characters that are somewhere inbetween loli and bishoujo.