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Look at Vivio, her head is wider than her shoulders. Will they ever care to give us some quality, even a little bit?
Why couldn't Einhart be a boy? It would be nice to have SOME variety in rival characters for this franchise instead of copy and pasting nanoha, fate, and her two friends personalities.
It would have been horrible, and you should feel horrible.
It wouldn't be horrible! It would be different for once but after all this show was done with no concept of reality whatsoever like most Otaku trite is. Instead of the creator going out and speaking to real children he just saw a bunch of moe manufacturer types gave them magical powers and said ok pff. Wonder why shows like sailor moon, corrector yui, Saint tail, and pretear are treasured to this day? There was effort put into them and the characters were memorable based on their personalities and how they dealt with every day life. Who's going to remember nanoha 10 years from now? Nobody why? Because she has the personality of a brick wall and this franchise always has to backtrack to nanoha and fate's "relationship". Who are her family and friends again don't know none of the shows explore those relationships. Kind of sad when the only thing memorable about the main character is the powers and not who she is as a person.
For one, she is already being remembered more than your favorite characters (more than a decade now), and second: a male character wouldn't fucking help the situation, you uncultured or uneducated idiot.
Not everyone needs to see a dick to like a series, or a male to self insert into.
Listen the unspoken or whatever like Miyazaki said nobody can move forward with something without watching or researching how REALITY works how real people actually talk and communicate with each other. Do you see Miyazaki being a people pleaser with his stories? Do see him going "well for my spirited away movie I'm going to have my main kid character chih iro have a romance with another girl character despite her being a girl herself for no reason because I always owe my fans anything". No he did the story HIS way not the way someone else told him to. That's why his stories are loved so much they despite sometimes having a fantastical edge has a realism about them that can be appreciated by anyone. The industry isn't going to get realism if it keeps catering to people who have no affiliation to the outside world and only want to see what they want.
A male character still wouldn't help making it more real, it would only alienate its fanbase, and this is not a Miyazaki movie, which also wouldn't be popular in anime format with your average anime budget (it has been tried before), so stop trying to force your own taste to ruin the series for its fans.
Or we can just enjoy the series as it is offered to us… It works too, you know?
Wanting boys in a girls' anime.
For what purpose.
By "Girls' anime" you surely don't mean the demographic, which are 100 percent males.
who cares about the fans anyway? authors don't owe fans squat it is because of fans the same thing gets done over and over again. that's why anime has become mostly stale because of this stupid 'give the fans what they want" crap all the time it is like spoiling a child rotten they only care about themselves and the heck with everyone else. I respect authors who put their foot down and tell the story their own way not the way everyone expects. is trigun creator yasuhiro nightlow doing this in his show by saying' I'm gonna make vash and wolfwood a couple for no reason because so many people want me to despite the fact that I have made it perfectly clear they both of them are straight and are in love with Milly and Meryl respectively" no he didn't he did the story HIS way and it's still one of the greatest shows of all time by both English and Japanese fans alike all because nighttow-sensei was allowed to do what he wanted not what somebody else expected of him. My point is use talents given to you and don't copy the talents of others just because someone else expects it. this applies to anime too.
And what makes you think that your taste is superior? Also no, Trigun isn't one of the greatest shows, it's an entry level teenager orientated show.
And the author does this because he likes doing this obviously, don't get any funny ideas about it. You say you respect authors telling a story their way, and then you want to force YOUR taste on Nanoha's author? Oh please, just stop and think about how big of a hypocrite you are right now, because everything else you said were biased assumptions that came from what you think is right.
I can assure you a lot of authors prefer writing stories about cute girls than wacky-tacky adventures of a guy with guns.