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athrun1120 kantai_collection kitakami_(kancolle) seifuku thighhighs wallpaper

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jindo90 said:
KTKM K3 incoming!
not even a K3 .... the original Kitakami (which is a Kuma Class cruiser in fact) was a 10 4x533mm torpedo launcher and 7x 140mm 50/3rd year canon cruiser (not counting the 43 Type96 25mm AA guns (12 triple+31 single), the 2 Type89 127mm AA and the 2 80mm/40 3rd year secondary battery) this is literally what would Kitakami look like if they followed the canon type of the boat.

so technically Kancolle or the anime is not "historically correct on all shipgirls" but who really care hehe
otherwise the Bismarck Drei should be renamed into Tirpitz since the Bismarck never had torpedo tubes mounted on her, and Tenryuu/Tatsuta would have 2 dual torpedo tubes and 4 turrets battery, while some other are more "accurate" than others also. But again who really care :D this is about fun and gun not history and accuracy (tho they tend to set up the mission like a reminiscence of the past )