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animal_ears breast_hold chibi cleavage inukai_shinono inumimi inuta_hana inuyama_michiyo jpeg_artifacts maid nae-nae neko nekodomari_makoto nekohana_korone nekojou_hinana nekomimi noda_shuha rokudou_itsuki rubi-sama skyfish_poco tail thighhighs waitress wallpaper wan_nyan_a_la_mode! wori

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The usual "twitter background" version: http://www.game-style.jp/style/201511/1511background_wall_a.jpg

P.S. Please add the tags for the following if anyone knows about them:
1. 野田しゅは (the person who drew the chibis); and
2. The rest of the characters.

Update: Thanks donicila for adding the remaining tags!