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Looks like Konata from Lucky Star o.o
She's not. Poster says her name is Amano Koyomi.
The name of the game is right there too ;p She DOES have Konata's trademark :3 face though heh. (NSFW!)

*tags image*
and she happens to be a game and anime fanatic as well
She exists for those who fantasize banging Konata.
she's a little outdated. she's playing an Original GB!
i believe they created this character off konata. but nothing can be = to konata, not even Chuck.
Only good thing Konata has is her design.

Personality wise I'd hit her if I met her IRL. And fortunately that won't ever happen :D
You'd get some nasty papercuts...
Isn't Konata meant to be the 'male' character out of LS?