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autographed gakusentoshi_asterisk headphones ishibashi_tasuku julis-alexia_van_riessfeld pantyhose photo seifuku thighhighs toudou_kirin

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Looks like one of those JoJo parodies or something.

But honestly, just don't do an illustration at all if you can't be bothered to put time/effort in it. I would feel disappointed to be related to this if I were Rasmus Faber (who is the composer/producer of this show's ED, which is pretty neat if you ask me).
it's a tradition on megami to give a chance to newcomer artists
I see nothing wrong with this image. It's even beyond the average megami quality.
Some of the most awkward faces ive ever seen...

About Rasmus Faber (heard it thru thd grapevine): Apparantly an Swedish music producer with succes in Japan. Developed an interest in animusic and produced both the EDs for the Asterisk anime. 🤔