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I've mailed the tagger but I will leave a public message here too:

Please do not tag (just leave them as untagged) the artists/animators for anime images if you're not sure.

Post #342458 and post #342459 are NOT done by inou_shin, they're otono_natsu's work. Love live has several artists doing these illustrations, and it's very hard to distinguish (just like all the anime pinups) for ordinary people. So if you're no expert (作豚? kappa), please only tag based on text. This kind of errors is very difficult for others to correct so please be more careful. We better have no tag other than wrong tags.
By the way, kiyose_akame is the artist who did the chibi images on this series. Only tag his/her name when there is a chibi image. Which means you shouldn't tag post #329922 with kiyose_akame even it's get mentioned in the credit (that credit is for the whole series, not this particular image).