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basketball buruma feet gundam00uc gym_uniform loli no_bra shirt_lift underboob wallpaper

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*stares at huge breasts*
Does anything imply she would be a loli, or is it mistagged?
The rest of her looks pretty loli, and the breasts are pretty easy to miss, so that's probably why - though there are some pretty busty lolis around here sometimes (though that particular case tends to require that they look that much younger).

Given the breast size, this is probably mistagged, but she definitely seems young enough that if her breast size were smaller, there's no question that she'd be a loli.
I just think she is done in a typical bishoujo style, not exactly loli beyond that, but as per the site's policy I guess keeping it as a loli might be the right solution, despite I myself am convinced she wasn't intended to be one, and the artist himself didn't tag her loli either.