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The first filtering job I've done that I'm happy with. The original is the one I marked as the parent. It sure takes some work to get an idea of what the different filters do.

The parent has color_issue tag and I didn't touch those. Was the tag there because of the horrible noise or are the colors too bright? I didn't touch the colors.
The level is totally clipped.
Any suggestions on how to fix?
cannot to be honest, the information is already lost.
The color levels seem fine to me...
The whole batch of these scans has black level issue (and slight white level issue too). Best example is to compare post #317514 with post #308117.

It's more obvious on posts with large dark areas, like post #315039. This (post #346958) one's color issue is a little bit subtle, but mishima kurone has distinguishable "light" color style which is clearly lost here. If you look at the histogram of this and compare with his typical digital work, the difference is huge.

This cover is another extreme lol. Most of moritz's scans are like this, more or less. Doubt he used some "contrast enhancement" feature and ruined everything.
fireattack said:
Most of moritz's scans are like this, more or less.
I internally scream when I see his scans on MT