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I remember seeing a very nice nude filter of this years ago but I sadly lost it to the ages, probably in some old back up somewhere. Any chance someone here might have it please?
NotRadioactiveHonest said:
I assume you are the person who asked the same question at https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/299718
Yep that's me, I have come full circle with this image a few times now.

Came across it on Danbooru back then which reminded me of the nude filter and prompted me to try and find it to no avail. Got busy with keeping up with other things like work taking up most of my time and energy and then forgot all about this pic.

Now better part of a year later I come across this pic again and again it reminds of how bad I want to see that nude filter again. Since Yande seem to have a bit more experience with nude filters I figured I'd give my question a shot here this time.

I'm sure Rydia is thrilled that there is some creepy pervert who really wants to see her naked. That skin tight leotard though.