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pantsu shota tokuda trap ueda_yuu

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Yeah, I noticed that when I skimmed the rest of it. Damn traps.
it's not even remotly looking like a trap either :P tokuda is not famus for traps but she draws 70-80% shota in her doujinshis.
over 9 years ago
Little girls and boy look the same anyway, what the fuck is the difference
It says shota on the top left >_>;
Wangs vs. no wangs, sir, that is the difference ...
The only shota pic posted? =o
It says "Syota", not "Shota". Is there a difference?
It's the same. Japanese don't use the Hepburn romanization system.
Oh but they do, sadly. Not everywhere, sure, but look at road signs and the like and you'll see fagburn occasionally.