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Without being disrespectful, Why are we no given a choice to see these incredibly talented artist present fine art pieces without a major distraction. Are there Users of Age that are not able to control themselves? I am a male in my early 50's and have a complete respect of the art that captures the beauty of a woman and I am not here to continuously view these gorgeous women as the original pieces the artists worked hard for us to see. If there is a problem with the young adults who are disrespecting the art then you should raise the starting age to 30 or 35 years. why not this is not ok and a crying shame these poor artists have to suffer more than we do. The women that have reached us uncensored are so few compared and if you disrespect these than you must be disrespecting women in your life and need help on how to love women and not treat as pieces of meat but priceless treasure. I demand we change this either by age increasements or have all the artwork available both Censored and Uncensored and make everyone take a test they would have to pass and a censor on the people who are abusers and if they abuse they automatically get relocated aand given harder tests to use the uncensored and if caught again no more uncensored for life! or another way to identify a pervert who probably thinks its funny and cool to have such disrespect and abuses these ladies for his own 2 minute premature nub rubs he's addicted to. pa~LEASE Children Grow the Fuck Up! and if the Guys out here over the ages of 30 - 35 yrs That are continuing their bad habits from their childhood, you people need serious help and have probably fantasized of child pornography and need therapy. Do us all a favor and grab a hold of your situation instead of your peckers every time you see a women. How did you parents not recognized this and teach the respect needs to carry for all women. Its should be taught like a religion. I'm here to witness the beauty a woman provides and youre fucking that up for me and the majority of males on this planet. Get a fucking life! May I please see some gorgeous pussy now without the restraints for these stupid immature boys.! FUCK!
It is Japanese censorship law.
It is Japanese censorship law.
Exactly... if you want to see the picture without censorship, just photoshop it.. if you can.