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megane seifuku senmu

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I got a few of this guys trashfile, the sketches are quite interesting to view ^^
Fairly sure this is a pako drawing, so I added the tag. But I don't know for sure.
Wrong cheese. It's not pako at all. It's せんむ(Senmu) - Amazing Order. http://www.aa.alpha-net.ne.jp/senmu2/ You should try to read his book lol.
After I stitch/connect a few images i'll post the images from "Girls of Summer" files here.
And that would be why i wrote "BUT I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE." I do find it amusing that whenever anyone wants to be aggressive on here they always post anonymously even though we all have logins. Internet tuff guyz.
Just gotta suck it up and keep on walking, that's what I do. ^^