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bra breasts goshujin-sama_maid_fuku_o_nugasanaide. ikuyama_karen kakao kurosaki_rika maid monako_(brand) naruse_koko nipples no_bra olive_(laai) open_shirt pantsu seifuku thighhighs wallpaper zaizen_chinatsu

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Non-porori (but with loads of "mists") version (as background of age confirmation page):
Removed the transparency (too small for after cropping out the blank):
:o how did you even do that?
Basically just remove (not equal to "apply" them to a white background) the alpha channel.

Since Photoshop somehow doesn't show alpha channel explicitly, you need:

1 Go Layer->Layer Mask->From Transparency. This will "transfer" the transparency to a separate mask
2 Delete the mask
3 Profit! (Better flatten the image as well to reduce the size a little bit)

You definitely should be able to do this with other software too but you need to figure it out by yourself.