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Amazing!! xD Twenty-two years and finally we can see the end of this anime! x_x
I do really hope they continue with the Heaven Chapter, as it was originally planned.
Well i hope to. But that chapter do not exist in the manga. (The manga ends in the Hades Chapter) Also Kurumada says that this was the last animation from Saint Seiya T_T At the end we don't know what depare to the the future of Saint Seiya. See ya.
It does not exist, but it's canon. The Tenkai Hen Overture is a proof of that.

And yes, I know SS manga ends with Hades :P I'm MEXICAN, I must know.

BTW, Kurumada never stated this would be the last SS animation thing. Actually, he said there are plans to make an OVA that would connect Hades with Tenkai Hen.
charly rozen, iono if you still post here, but Tenkai Hen has been officially confirmed to take place in SS Next Dimension.

That, and the new Lost Canvas animation made my day :D