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cleavage dress hoshizora_e_kakaru_hashi koumoto_madoka ryohka sogegin thighhighs

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fireattack said:
Should we allow tracings?
Any links to the original?
Radioactive said:
Any links to the original?

It's a tapestry
Didn't we have another artist who was slated for tracing other artists works? Don't think we deleted that one.
Needs credit for Ryohka.
Yeah, tracings should be directly deleted or get the credit of the original author.
zyh0403 said:
Former magazine charts are arranged in chronological order , and I think I did nothing wrong . Do you think there is a problem I have nothing to say . ╮ (╯_╰) ╭
...If I messaged you, please message back, not reply me here.