ass bottomless bra breasts cameltoe cleavage garter_belt heels horns kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo! lingerie maebari maid no_bra nopan ore_p_1gou pantsu pantyhose pointy_ears see_through stockings tail tattoo thighhighs thong underboob wings

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This image was uploaded 1 day ago as well. At that time I noticed that I was the 1st person to favorite it.
Now that upload is apparently gone and/or replaced by this one that was uploaded 7 hours ago.

I haven't rated this iteration of the image yet but apparently I'm the 8th latest person who favorited it..

What's going on here?
when post is deleted the score/fav will be transferred to the parent
fireattack said:
when post is deleted the score/fav will be transferred to the parent
which assumes that the parent is sufficiently similar to the deleted image that folks who scored the image would think the same thing of the parent, and that's not necessarily true.

Personally, I've never liked it when images that I have not even looked at yet end up with me having scored them, even if they are similar to another one that I did score. But it's worked that way for ages, unfortunately.
This image is identical to its child except the compression quality.

Even broadly speaking, most of cases (I'd say 90% cases) the one that got replaced is identical to its parent in term of the art itself.

Sure, there are cases that the child are not that similar to the parent. Then just remove your fav/stars if you really care?

It's obviously better this way than let multiple, sometimes hundreds of people re-vote every replaced posts (which happened a lot) manually, just to avoid those few exceptional cases. How it's unfortunate when a system works as intended in 90% cases, instead of 10%?

By the way, not everyone checks all the posts here. It would be more infuriating when people later found their favorites "disappear" just because they may be replaced by better scans. If you're checking every posts, it's literally no difference in term of effort to un-fav an image or fav it.