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ana_(overwatch) ass ass_grab b.bor bastion bra d.va eyepatch fishnets genji_(overwatch) hanzo_(overwatch) junkrat lingerie lucio_(overwatch) megane mei_(overwatch) mercy_(overwatch) official_watermark overwatch pantsu panty_pull pharah reaper roadhog see_through snowball_(overwatch) soldier:_76 stockings symmetra_(overwatch) tattoo thighhighs thong topless tracer undressing widowmaker winston zarya

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What has been revised on this?
Radioactive said:
What has been revised on this?
Zarya's Shirt. The words on her shirt have been rearranged.
So many reasons to play Overwatch ...
Fishmeaker said:
So many reasons to play Overwatch ...
Yes but then you actually play Overwatch and see how they run lol. Ruined it for me.
I still play with a boner though if there are plenty of D.va's, Mercy's and Widowmaker's. ;)