anal animal_ears ass bondage censored game_cg guilty naked nipples pussy tail toriko_no_kusari

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pspfansno1 said:
wow...a new tag?
Removed, as it's inappropriate.

P.S. Is this some sort of game CG?

Edit: Yes, it is, according to other sites.
Yes, I see your mind displayed in this pic. You just need me right beHINDER you.
No response means they get deleted.
Am I being overly harsh here?
Radioactive said:
Am I being overly harsh here?
It's never been totally clear (to me at least) whether or not you're asking the general userbase or just fellow moderators when you post questions like this here.
I'm being overly harsh. I'll delete JPG game CGs if they fail on quality/size or if the PNG has been uploaded. In most cases we should flag JPG game CGs as jpeg_only