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ass lolita_fashion miyama_yasuhiro pantsu string_panties thighhighs

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Can anyone give me any link to this artist? I searched Danbooru, E-shuushuu and Google but I couldn't find anything. Does he has Pixiv or something? All I know it that he drew a chapter of some sort of Nogizaka Haruka manga on this edition of Dengeki Moeoh 2010-08
He also uses the name Miyama Yasuhiro (深山靖宙), circle p-n=G.
I found 2 of his mangas here: http://www.otakuworks.com/artist-1601/miyama-yasuhiro
You can also find a few things searching "puyon" in g.e-hentai :V
Oh, AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! The entire manga is there scanlated, wooow! There's even another manga by him! That's so helpful, thanks a lot, really! (again derp)
If anyone else is interested, PM me.