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ito_noizi thighhighs

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Sorta glad I didn't get the Guren Artbooks of hers ^^. The illustrations from this one, I didn't like too much.
I've also got scans from KA-E-N. Did you get that one?
I always thought GU-RE-N was overrated, but I bought it because I do like her artwork, even if I'm not crazy about it. I have to say though, KA-E-N really surprised me, it was much better in terms of content, presentation and variety. Overall a much better collection.
I've seen the samples of it. But I haven't got a chance to see the entire scans or the real book itself yet.
I'll add KA-E-N to my upload schedule.
i TOTALLY need to get off my ass and finish cleaning kaen.
http://a.imouto.org/boon/kaen/ some here and there shopping.
Must have got mine off a Torrent, but the file name has got mangled. JPGs - Most of which are about 1.5Mb
mine from dovac, who had the balls to buy 2 and tear one up and scan it flat. and then he gave it to me.