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Just looked at my imported copy of Formcode. http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/15416 is the correct one for the pool.
The frame doesn't look good for online viewing, so I cropped it (as I often do) and switched the pool.
I agree it is better for viewing, but I wouldn't have left it in the pool.
The principle is to optimize viewing the pools, since that's their main purpose. But it also makes it hard to save a whole unedited pool...

In principle, when we have an "optimized for viewing" and "original" image (very common), we could make the one intended for direct viewing the parent (which is what we do anyway), pool the child, and have a flag when viewing pools to select whether to view the actual pool or to display parent posts in the pool, so it's easy to save (or just view) the originals in a pool.

(It would conflict with the occasional use of P/C for pages we want in pools but not the index, eg. index pages. Don't have a good idea of how to deal with this off the top of my head.)

That would be a bit obscure, though. A more accessible way to display this would be a "download index" that just has links to the images to download.

And this is a stretch of the imagination, but maybe this would stop some of those stupid spiders. Right now, the "correct" way of batch downloading a pool is to do a pool: search, add &limit=1000 and have your download manager pull out the DDL links, which they can all do pretty easily. But nobody knows how to do all this, so people just spider the whole site (usually with spiders written in VB by people who don't speak English well enough to read an RFC) ...

It'd be nice to be able to get filenames based on pool order, too.