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I always loved L with all my heart... But now... I'm very shocked O.O' he's kawaii, but... hm... never mind =p
umm... this is realy freaky, as disturbed as L is i think he would never do this in his spare time
i' m shocked too............
Light it's taking L to the Dark Side... T^T
It's hard to believe Obata Takeshi made it himself.
Debbie said:
It's hard to believe Obata Takeshi made it himself.
Maybe he like Light x L 8D
Yesterday I was thinking on this. If you are an author and you draw two characters the people want in a couple... Will you change the history to make the characters together like the fans want or you will leave the story as it is...?
I think it's hard to decide >.<
Once I've made a quick Little Red Riding Hood doujin.

People started asking me what happened after the end, and I answered... "I really don't know..." Then I understood how do manga authors feel about their "unfinished" endings.
SneakySpy said:
even more shocked than i should be because light has a decent lookin butt
it's because it looks like a girls butt, men don't have that kind of butts as their bone and muscle structures are different
че охренели????? Л нормальный чувак)
pfffff....hahahhahahahahahahaha nice lingerie,guys! XDXDXD
hahahahahahah light wat you doin
I see general tags got purged per post history (pantsu thighhighs). I can guess why, but wasn't it wrong to purge those?
You should have raised this 9-years ago.