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arte_(artemisia_mesembryanthemum_criniflorus) ass clockup cossucos! crease dress fixme garter_belt gothic_lolita hamashima_shigeo lolita_fashion nopan skirt_lift stockings thighhighs toria_(tinctoria_wittrockiana_schmidtiana) wings

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Is this not a photoshop? Hime illustrations can get pretty porny, but ...
I believe there'd be SOME form of censoring if this was official, even if it was only a tiny black line across the pubic region. There again, I have also seen plenty of games and other artworks with no visible vagoo details that weren't censored, so who knows, maybe it is official.
It's also CLOCKUP, the kings of horn, so I wouldn't be much surprised in any case if it is official.
Censoring in DH illustrations is usually more tactful than bars and mosaics, but it's usually there...