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Uh... you missed the rest of the text. None of that is in the original picture.
"Uh", you can remove the rest if you want. I don't like the picture enough to spend that much time on it.
Whatever, i don't care either. I just wanted to make sure you knew that was the real watermark.
So the rest of the dark writing is the AP scanners fault as well? Do we know who this idiot is?
You can probably track down the post on AP if you want.
I do try to avoid visiting that site.
If you want to know who posted something on another site...
A watermark with the name of the artist and title of the artbook isn't nearly as offensive as "animepaper", anyway.
From my experience, most people who have art books don't even scan them. From reading hongfire threads, I know bunnygirl has tons but doesn't submit them here. I have a couple, but i wouldn't scan them because to me, they are expensive.

If more people scanned we wouldn't have watermarked scans.
The reason I don't scan my books (as you've mentioned already) is because I spend big money on them. Not to mention it tends to ruin the spine of the book (or worse, you must destroy it to get the best scans). No thanks. Also, on another note, why go through the trouble of scanning your artbook when someone else has already scanned theirs? We can talk shit all we want to, but the fact is THEY are the ones that ruined their copy. I collect for myself and myself only.

Unfair watermarks suck, and I don't agree with them. However, it doesn't affect me if I already own the book (which I do in this case). If I want to look at this picture the way it was meant to be seen, I just pull it off my shelf.
Just my two cents, I try to scan anything that doesn't involve damaging a book...which is why I mostly do doujins.

However some artbooks are to be debinded and I've scanned quite a few like that.
Bunnygirl, I understand your stance because i have the same one: I spend too much on them to just destroy them. I don't have money for that, just for my own collection.

And admin2, thanks for doing what you do. It'd just be nice if more people could be so privileged.
Same. I really appreciate you destroying your books and doujins for our sake. But exactly what bunnygirl said, i'd never scan my artbook unless i had a really go reason for debinding my books.

But like admin2 said, i really only debind doujin books and those specials i get with my periodicals, like moeoh and my creators.
Pretty much the same. I scanned some books because it didn't require destroyoing them, otherwise i just scan books that i've 2 copy of and some magazines, inserts that i dun care about being debinded and so.

p.s: got my hands on 2 copies of the Tinkle Duel Dolls book..expect scans soon unless someone else does it.