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awwwwwwwwwww haruhi calendaaaaaaar
me wants toooooo.....
let me guess, you found artifacts in
too and made another duplicate with little more noise ? ...
about 11 years ago
Actually Geist, this one has a lot less artifacts in than http://moe.imouto.org/post/view/4398 does. I didn't even need to compare them closely to see that.
i cant see artifacts in either of them!
dont know whats wrong with your monitors...

the main error (haruhis hair color is "splitted") is in both of them.
i dont see any point in resaving an already good scan to another jpeg.
if there was a -noticable- difference, then maybe, but there is none!!
about 11 years ago
I noticed that the hair colour split was in both of them.
Anyway, it's probably because I have an LCD screen that I see artifacts in the other one. I'll check on my CRT monitor later and see.
does your lcd run on 16bit colors ?
if i change my monitor to 16bit, i can see some spots on yukis hair (a bit under haruhis left ribbon)
yukis blue shirt has not 1 color , and her right shoulder shows some spots too...

HOWEVER, if i switch back to 32bit, everything looks fine, and then this pic looks a bit worse ! (more noise, for example on yukis blue shirt again. 4398=almost one color, 4460=more noise in the dark part )
heres a small screen to show the areas im talking about...

the red ones are the areas you guys see i guess (but are not there)... the green one was the area i mentioned above...
about 11 years ago
No, it's 32bit, and I wasn't talking about open areas like you have pointed out. I was looking at the outlines (which is were jpeg artifacts show on most images). Also, I've just been and checked on my other monitor and I still see them.

Anyway, I'm sure if someone else takes a look they can confirm what I've said. Since I know now that it's not just my monitor.
could u marke some critical outlines like i did?
if anything.. this is the original one and the 1.11MB is the re-saved one

i've compared both images with FastStone Image Viewer's compare feature, and this image retains more details while the other one shows signs of a re-save

my monitor is a colour calibrated dell 2405
about 11 years ago
I could, but there are no 'critical' outlines. All the outlines in both images have artifacts surrounding them. There are just less artifacts in this one. Also, Shadow has just said basically the same thing (thanks for confirming by the way Shadow).
hmmm, i wish i knew the source ....
the minitokyo one is the 1,1mb (since they dont allow pics to be larger than 2mb lol)
im not sure if the animepaper one is 1,1mb only too...
i thought this pic was a resave, too, with some shopped noise+filters or something
no problem SoylentGreen

i appreciate the tendency towards high quality scans, so i'll be hanging around this site more often :)