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bleach breasts matsumoto_rangiku nipples open_shirt pantsu tony_taka

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man i would bang against her boobs so hard
Hay man no disrespect or any thing but I would watch the vulger comments they don't like them round here I'm still not very good at it my self but I saved you the headach of the butt kicking I got agin no disrespect intended. ^_^
This is a serious site about serious pictures.

(and boobies! :D)
Most of those types don't really listen well. Don't waste your time with them. I'm sure they've been warned but some probably haven't noticed the yellow letters saying New Mail!...since it is tucked all the way to the right.

They'll be destroyed soon if they don't stop.
Considering it's Rangiku, I guess her breasts are a bit too small... But, yeah, great picture. Tony Taka should do more fan art. Most of his pictures depicts random girls. I love his Horo and his Azuka.
This is just so awesome...
Finally a tasteful pic of Rangiku.