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Is To Love Ru good?

I may give it a chance. This Golden girl convinced me :3
I found it pretty terrible. It's a basic "empty, plotless fanservice" show, except they forgot the fanservice.
Well, I like stuff like Da Capo or Ai Yori Aoshi, so one more of these shows won't affect me... or will it?
Kyoushiro..if you watch it..get the dvds =3=. Imho it's just fap material..but it wasn't that terrible (if you don't mind fap material shows anyway).
That's just the problem--it was, ... unfappable. In the wrong time slot or something. I don't care if a show is just fanservice, but if you're going to make a show that's just eyecandy and panty shots, you need to include ... eyecandy and panty shots, or there's just nothing ...
I dropped it after about 3 minutes of the first ep. Yami and Mikan are both hawt though, extremely fappable :D
You shouldn't really watch it unless you do love Harem anime.
Well, considering the aftermentioned shows I said (Ai Yori and Da Capo, plus others I don't remember now), is there a chance for me to like it or at least tolerate it?
I don't recall many shows like that from 5-6 years ago all that clearly, but I'm pretty sure both of them were better.

Anyway, my problem with this show isn't that it's mindless fanservice--I've watched lots of that and my tolerance for mindlessness is high--it's that it's bad at it. Especially running next to Kanokon, which was very good mindless fanservice...
petopeto said:
I don't recall many shows like that from 5-6 years ago all that clearly
There were a lot, but I don't remember them clearly. Only ones that I still have in my head are the Da Capo series, Canvas2 and this one with this Shinra girl.
I got to episode 4. And from what I experienced, it was a relatively fun anime to watch. Though right around that time, that anime RoserioxVampire came out too, gah... that anime was silly (as in boring and stupid) but I only got to episode 3, so I can't tell if it "actually" got better.
Yami wanders about town, munching idly on a blue popsicle.
I'd her popsicle. Wait... actually, can I rephrase that? >_<