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animal_ears breasts maruku nekomimi nipples nopan open_shirt pussy uncensored yuri

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motherfucker this stuff is awesome! i love yuri and lolicon the most of the hentai genres and this is like loliyuri furi is great too
also stream of consciousness
Seconded, thirded, four... well, you get the point. Down with the h word!
Yeah, I agree. The "explicit" rating should be enough.
the automatic url h-word is ok because as petopeto has mentioned before it's how a lot of people find the site, but in the tags it's just pointless.

I'd like to banish the word itself from all english speaking circles tbh, but short of wiping humanity out that'll never happen >_>
I agree with the whole taking away the h word thing
Way to bring a dead thread to life ...