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about 10 years ago
Nel and Clair really are the best yuri couple in Star Ocean 3 ^^; guess this proves it
I always wanted Clair in my group instead of Nel, kinda annoyed me heh.
I liked the game, but it was very buggy, and had the worse plot-twist ever seen.
Yeah seriously, the whole 4D beings bit was just lol. Also, I was annoyed with how they split the characters up. Not getting a permanent member until disk 2 kinda sucks (ok, so she kinda sucks in combat but still). And starting her at level 1? Whut.
I'm holding out great hopes for SO4 however, it appears it will have actual spaceship battles and the like, something that was sorely missing from the previous games (I mean, it's called STAR OCEAN, I'd like some stuff in space plz).
It had its flaws. The game started off with a great epic feel, but then it leaves you on a medieval-style world for a large chunk of the game.

The real-time combat didn't really grab me either.
I mostly liked the combat until the executioners appeared, at which point combat got kind of annoying because of how ridiculously tough they were compared to everything else in the game. For realtime combat, the Tales series are where it's at though :D
Does anyone know where can I get this doujin?
It has so common name that I cannot find it.
I always thought that Maria and Nel would be best.
It was this very image that made me join this site =D
And trust me when i say, i don't regret it at all

Some 450+ images favorited already, and i don't favorite just anything =P
FINALLY!!! An uncensored version!!