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bottomless bra breasts censored nipples open_shirt pubic_hair pussy thighhighs urushihara_satoshi

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Why Censer this it was a nice pic until the censer
No point in complaining about censorship. As Radiosity mentioned, you will need to lobby Japan.
nice image...
urushihara is a great illustrator...

What I wonder about isn't why the pics are censored but how we have as many _un_censored versions as we do. Some of them are obviously photoshopped, but there are plenty of others that really look like it was done by the original artist. I've got to believe that in a lot of cases the artist draws an uncensored image and then pixelates it or does whatever they do to censor it, so uncensored versions of many pics are bound to exist in the artists' possession, but how do _we_ end up with them if it's illegal for the artists to distribute them?
Can't say for sure, but it could be a combination of things: The uncensored images are illegal only if distributed in Japan, from what I understand. It could be that some of those images are for exported versions of products. There are also some photoshop artists that are extremely good, and can probably redraw those portions so it's hard to tell it's not the original. That could account for some portion as well. But like I said, it's just a guess...
If it cames to scanned images, I can say almost all of them are shopped :p
Japan has no uncensored printed images.
LO and RIN don't seem to censor everything. A lot of the time they'll censor some panels and leave others on the same page uncensored. Some have dozens of pages uncensored. I can't see any sign of editing (and it would be a ton of editing) ...
petopeto said:
LO and RIN don't seem to censor everything.
Closed loli pussy allowed (e.g. http://moe.imouto.org/pool/show/316) :D
Only adult's censored =D
(there is some silly complicated rules :p)
LO seems happy to leave pretty much anything uncensored...