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This one is Lemnear from Legend of Lemnear.
There is nothing stopping you from changing the tag.
I could change the tag if I knew how to do it!
By the way... thanks for the Comic LO clean covers... You need to unglue the artbook to take the scans?
The term to use is to 'debind' the artbook. It is the only way to get decent scans without binding discoloration.
I've seen some people using 'unglue' on Mangaproject IRC channel, but thanks, I'll add 'debind' to my vocabulary. I rarely purchase artbooks, the last one was Nia Portraits, and I don't have enough money to purchase two of the same just for 'debind' one for scanning :-P
Radioactive didn't scan it, but from the scans I can tell it was not unbound. There are some full book images, and the middle parts are missing, so the guy scanned to the inside margin. The scans still look as good as unbound because each page has borders and frames around the pics.