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Two minutes in Photoshop, end of discussion. Sorry if anyone really wanted that japanese text on it too.
Most controversial scan I've seen so far on Moe.
There's nothing controversial (or even special) about the scan. We were having an idle discussion about watermarks, and a couple people decided to hijack the conversation to tell us that we're wasting our time.

Most casual conversations don't magically change the world around us, and that doesn't make them a "waste of time". The next time someone jumps into a reasonable conversation to tell people that they're wasting their time and tries to kill the discussion, I may just delete the post to avoid the sort of thing that just happened. If you don't think a conversation is worth participating in, then don't.
Nothing wrong with what you've done cheese. Better than I would have done.
petopeto said:
I may just delete the post to avoid the sort of thing that just happened.
That would just be ducking the subject.
Ducking the subject of whether I'm wasting my time? I'm fine with that.
No criticism intended.

Discussions about watermarks/signatures needed to be aired, even if they may get derailed. Just don't resort to deleting the comment.
Huh? I'd (consider to) delete a post trying to derail the discussion. I didn't say I'd delete the discussion.