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I actually found this show to be incredibly funny. I'm only up to episode 10 tho ... and it's a bit sad too. I should have picked it up a lot sooner.
At points, it's one of the funniest shows there's been recently. Not as consistent as a straight-up comedy (not trying to be), but some of the gags were golden.
I got a kick out of the part where the main male character stuck a milk cartons straw up the one girls nose. I wish I could remember their names, but I have CRS.
Okazaki Tomoya and Ibuki Fuuko :)
Right! And they call that one girl Fu-chan. The ghost girl.
Fuu-chan yeah. Eclipse used Fuko, I assume because the Japanese can't romanize to save their lives so they spelled it wrong in the OP as well. It 'should' be Fuuko though, literally means Wind Child (hence the title of ep8, Fuuko's penultimate episode, The Wind that Vanishes into Dusk, it's a play on her name).
Must be nice to be able to read Japanese. It would make watching and reading anime and manga all the more easier.