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not sure if this helps or not

can be deleted once new megami pool is full
God Sanya is hot...gimmie the strike witches one and i'll be fine =3=
Personally, I think we should keep posts like this for easy reference. Plus it's technically a real scan.
Good reference material. Leave it in the pool.
Man, that Haruka series has some great megami posters.
The blonde Ef girl is pretty cute ^^
The girl's avenue one (13) looks good ^^
Alot Of Awesome Ones This Time, Specially Akane And Nogizaka :D
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aoie_emesai said:
The blonde Ef girl is pretty cute ^^
You mean Tiffania? From Zero no Tsukaima? She is very cute... except for her unreasonably huge chest, that kinda spoils her look completely for me. I like breasts, but not THAT big ;_;
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I think he meant her, not Tiffania. Both are pretty cute though.
Yeah, I misread it as 'elf'.