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inuburo loli

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Gotta say, this is probably one of my favourite loli artists. Well, favourite in the 'hot loli' category rather than 'moe loli' anyway ;p
I hope Inuburo releases a collection of all these covers he does (for INO and others). They're all great, and they're all Raped By Text.
Yeah, I'd like to see these without all the text as well. We can but hope.
Hey Radiosity, what´s the name of that loli? You know, in your avatar.
Reconstructing the hair can be rather tough >.<
KokonoeJorge said:
Hey Radiosity, what´s the name of that loli? You know, in your avatar.
Name? If you mean her name specifically it's Kamiki Mia. If you mean the game, it's Sisyunki by Rune:

Are you using that terrible romanization scheme as a joke? heh

(and just click the avatar and look at tags)
Nope, I use the normal romanization schemes, I've just always known this particular game as sisyunki, kinda prefer how it looks for some reason (I saw the game/name well before I actually started studying Japanese so I had no clue it was written using a dumb method heh).
Note, by normal I mean NOT FRIGGIN HEPBURN. I use the Sh, the Chi, and the other regular ways of writing stuff, but I will never, NEVER, use goddamn macrons. I wish I could go back in time and kill hepburn tbh, macrons are dumb and insulting to the language (and isn't it sad that Japan seems to think they're the way to go and use them on road signs and the like). Even the English Oxford Dictionary people use macrons, which I find somewhat depressing.
I dislike hepburn, can you tell? >_<