dj_max studio_s.d.t. yuuki_tatsuya

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Where did you get these? :O They're all from DJ Max :D
Originally rather large lossless BMPs on a .ISO you can get from Pireze. I'll see if I can dig up the link.
Ugh, bmps. In some ways they're alright (compressed into a super small archive for easy downloading, but then takes up gigabytes of space when uncompressed), in other ways they suck horribly (see aforementioned space usage issue). Png is king unless it's a cg pack filled with hundreds of images, I tend to dislike 1GB downloads that could've been 50mb if they'd used bmps instead heh.
... now THAT explains why that Little Busters CG pack I downloaded was small when RARed... but after unzipping it ate like 1% of my HDD (and my HDD is 120 GB :/ ).
lol yep, Japan and 7z bmp archives go together like strawberries and cream. I've had cg packs unpacking from 90mb archives to 15GB of bmps, and on one occasion an archive of about 150mb extracted to some 30GB. I really don't like to think just how long it must take to compress those.