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bikini breast_hold furude_rika hanyuu higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni horns houjou_satoko loli morimoto_hirofumi no_bra open_shirt ryuuguu_rena sonozaki_mion sonozaki_shion swimsuits topless wardrobe_malfunction

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why hide breasts anyways ?
i mean you just have to remove the nipple and ANY pose is ok...

japans censorship is weird
Removing nipples looks like some kind of deformity. Better off covering stuff up than making it look like a Barbie.
I wanted to see mah Shion or mah Satoko topless, not random killer loli ;_;
hiding is an act of embarrassment. if her bikini is flying off and shes not hiding, then she will just look like a pervert woman.
Well, it's Rena, so the pervert thing I can believe.
if you look closely, the Satoko-chan fishing rod is catching the bikini of Rena-chan ^-^ (Rena is not the typical girl perverted) Great Scan! I can't wait for the OVAS of Higurashi Rei...February 2009 :(

Rena has always seemed to be too perverted to me.