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armor bazett_fraga_mcremitz cleavage dark_sakura fate/stay_night matou_sakura saber saber_alter sword takeuchi_takashi toosaka_rin type-moon

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Damn, pics like this make me want to have a F/SN OVA based on Heaven's Feel or Hollow Ataraxia ;__;

Is this the only Unlimited Codes pic available so far?

EDIT: http://www.capcom.co.jp/fate_uc/cs_gift.html

Oh, can someone find these pictures and post them here, plz? Specially the Sakura <3 chan ones.

BTW, avatars broke :(
BTW, avatars broke :(
dovac/petopeto are probably doing something.
And it is more then just the Avatars.
the nose is interesting... Orz