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monochrome urotan

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MY GOD! How couldn't I see this before? Where is the Urotan tag?
There's a lot more images that needs to be tagged.


One of the 5000+ that could use some more looking in to :)
Yam... Okie, I will input the tags I can recognize on this pool. Isn't much help but I hope I'll help more from on now.

Things have improved a lot, I remember some time ago tagme posts were +7000
Keep up with the great tagging job!
blooregardo said:
I miss vistigris...
Eh? Did VorpalNeko go on a vacation or do you just mean the former personality of Neko?
blooregardo said:
I miss vistigris...
He disappeared from the Internet suddenly without any traces..
R-really? Oh dear. Hope he's well.