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petopeto said:
Now, now peto. You have to realize some (many?) people come to this site for fap material. Sure, blueman's comment isn't the most classy, but at the same time it's a little unreasonable to get frustrated about people posting comments about the sexiness of a particular image.
I don't care why people come here and I'm hardly frustrated. I'm *crickets*ing at the ubiquitous lameness of the Internet.
I would prefer they come here to look at the quality of the material, rather then visit for a quick wank.
Maybe some people prefer to wank to higher-quality images. On the other hand, I guess it's entirely possible to have a JPEG artifact fetish ...
Is there such a thing as bleedthroughphilia? *shudders*
btw this image alone generated over 33,722 views in 6 days
Would be interesting to know which image on the site has had most views.
Actually the lighting effect, curve & proportion of this one are all very well-done.
What anime/hentai/game/artbook she's from? anyone knows?
silly people, this pic was drawn to be wanked at, no one draws this and says "I'm sure people will appreciate the work i put into this." if i could draw this well, i'd draw my own wank stuff, i'm sure i'm not alone in that

ps: it is very nice quality indeed, way to go artist person.
not a member so idk if i can rly post this just a fan of the art style. its nicei agree and give props. but to add a point about the veiws number i only found this because i am a stumbler if you knwo what that is if not i suggest you get a stumble bar. i only had enough interest to post this and be on my way, but that may add to the fact that not all of those 'views' are views. ^.^
So this "stumble bar" searches the Internet for Anime fap images? Sounds like a useful utility.
the stumble bar actually searches the net and then randomly displays a page that goes along with your interests, which you pick when you first sign up for one.
Yay for stumbling! Lol, I wonder if the artist made a contribution to stumbleupon.com since I made it here too :D
yep here is another dude from stumble
Yeah, me too xD
The drawing is cool, no doubt about it. But the reason it is in stumble is the 306 pages full of comments, not the image itself LOL
balthasar said:
Anime fap images.
You do realise that masturbation stunts your growth, and makes hair grow on your palms?
and everytime you masturbate god kills a kittie.
Every time I masturbate, I kill a kittie.
Radioactive said:
You do realise that masturbation stunts your growth, and makes hair grow on your palms?
So that's why I'm 6'3" and as hairless as a newborn.
Okay, I Stumbled this picture... And the discussion was better than the pic. Kudos!
Wow, I stumbled this and this is just- -applause- This is just the best discussion i have ever heard from anywhere about anything ever. (P.S.Masturbation is worth the growth stunt...however I now have so much hair on my palms I can use them as a pillow...)
WOW interesting conversation i half to say. I agree that whoever said it up there about whoever created this had intentions of wanking off to it. If he didn't want people to then y doesn't he make a picture of like a video game or something else. To artist, kudos great pic.
Might as well say it all the way...
also found this when stumbling. and i am also incredibly into it. =^.^=

I was Stumbling specifically for anime when I found this one, and the discussions really are better than wanking of to the pic, not that it isn't fun. XD LOLOL

Great job!
I'm also a stumbler. :D Stumbleupon users are taking over the world! xD Very cute pic, btw. ^_^
i wanked it 5 times 2day just to this one picture i cant wait to see the rest ;)
Am I one of the few that can appreciate art for what it is?
...Stumble brings me upon some very nice works, it brought me to meet a great artist of a certain fandom *Cough*furry*Cough*, aka Strype. If you can't appreciate beauty for what it is, GTFO my internets! XD
...I think stumbling itself has become a sin.
Look up the pie chart on what stumbling does to productivity. Ill give you a hint, it goes down.
stumbling in a zombie like fashion and then some shuffling
now adays, what ISNT a sin?
stumbleing does turn you in to a zombie...it does.......
Her facial expression and hairdo are fucking terrifying.
This is Wakana, a PS2/PSP exclusive heroine. Not to be confused with Setsuko.
http://www.alchemist-net.co.jp/products/koitate/psp/chara1.html CV: Tamura Yukari