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Ashito da Vinci?

I've finished uploading these. I've childed the originals, it's up to you whether you want to keep the originals around or not.

I'll start activating these in batches (don't have to activate everything at once).
Well I've done my part (And uploaded a couple of missed ones which you may want to crop)

I appear to be missing 1-4, 111, & 167 but the numbering scheme is all screwy.
And it hasn't escaped my notice you had removed some of the scans from the pool. Leave them in there until you sort out P/C with Pools.
Of course I removed them. It makes no sense at all to leave posts with useless gaps of whitespace that were added only to pad an image to 1920x1200 in the pool, and it makes even less sense to spam the pool with two copies of images. I'm planning on removing those posts again unless you give a real reason why they should be in there; I didn't spend many hours fixing up these images for the pool to be in such a state.
And the time I spent uploading, tagging, and get ready to post doesn't count? Stop being so fucking selfish.

I had a simple pool of images I wanted to upload as here, and you've done nothing to make it easy. I've tried to be flexible, but you are NOT helping.

You should concentrate on P/C pools, rather then getting anally retentive over whitespace.
And as for those scans? As far as I'm concerned I'm washing my hands of the whole affair. Do what you like with them. It is obvious you are not willing to compromise.
I spent several hours cropping, then an hour or two tagging, rating, cleaning up the pool, and parenting images--thinking that we were in agreement that the 1920x1200 padding was pointless, I assumed you'd just delete them. You posted them and rated them, which takes maybe half an hour, so I'm sorry if I feel that I've invested more into this. (I wake up today to find the pool a mess and a post that felt like "so you thought you could slip that by me!", which obviously got me rather irritated. Which is why I waited a while to write this, of course; pissed off posting isn't helping...)

I'm not asking you to be less anal about bleed-through (even though much of it I can't even see unless I squint for it or play with levels), because that's an aspect of image quality that matters to you. I'm sensitive to unnecessary padding around images, and this is probably one of the worst examples--it wasn't done for framing inside a piece of paper, or to avoid a binding, it was done just to turn good images into poor, zero-effort wallpapers. I'd be very surprised if it was done by the actual artist, there was no aesthetic sense to it at all.

Compromise is for when there's some middle ground, and there isn't any that I can see. Putting duplicates in the pool isn't a compromise, it's even worse. Like I said, I'll look into the pool P/C thing, but I can't promise that it'll work out, it's a bit tricky...
thinking that we were in agreement that the 1920x1200 padding was pointless
As I keep saying, I'm in agreement that they way they were created isn't great, but I was going to post the images into a Pool 'as is'

Unpooling the images just makes it difficult for users to get the complete 'Little World' as per the Torrent (Not your cropped versions) There are people who'll want the complete set of 1920x1200 walls even with whitespace.

Sorry, I'm no longer interested in further discussion with you about this. I'll finish off releasing the held scans but that is it.
I found this picture to be quite funny. XD